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About Elizabeth Moro

I’m Elizabeth Moro and I am running for Congress in the 7th District of Pennsylvania. I have dedicated my life to public service and I believe America deserves better than the dysfunction we see in Washington. America is a fusion of nationalities and religions, but the tradition we have in this country of welcoming and respecting others who are different is under attack. 
I was one of twelve children in a working class home, so I know how hard my parents worked to put food on the table and provide us with an education, healthcare, and other necessities. Each of my siblings had the opportunity to go to college thanks to federal Pell Grants, a program that President Trump and Pat Meehan would happily eliminate. I earned degrees in political science, women’s studies, and public policy because I wanted the work I did to help people.  
My family sat down for dinner each night at a BIG table. Visitors were always welcome to join us and we always made room for them. My family’s welcoming mindset shaped the way I live and see the world today. I want my government to make room at the table and to represent everyone. We have a saying in our house, "together is better." Our country is great because we have multiple ideas and ways to approach our opportunities and challenges. I am a leader who listens and invite dialogues so we can develop strategies, bring our talents forward, and reach for solutions together.

As a realtor, and I sit in hundreds of living rooms every year. I see how hard it is for middle class families to afford a home, college, and all the same things my family struggled to pay for. Yet this is not a concern our current Congress and President seem to share. Instead of draining the swamp in the interest of the people, President Trump has stacked his government with self-interested people who would deregulate Wall Street and threaten your retirement savings, healthcare, starve our public schools and handover public money to for-profit charter schools, and dismantle the EPA at the expense of your children’s air and water, and roll back your civil liberties. All the while, Pat Meehan has said and done nothing. I cannot in good conscience stand by and do nothing.

I’ve also been a single mom, so I know what it’s like to have to raise a family alone. Now, my husband and I work together and have committed ourselves to our community. We raise money for the homeless, conservation, advocate on behalf of our environment, and work for the protection of human rights. Vince and I are raising five children and we want them to have the same opportunity to go to college and pursue their American Dream. 
And that’s what my candidacy is about: the American Dream...for all Americans not just the one percent. Sadly, our government’s table has gotten frighteningly small. I will work to change that as your Congresswoman. I will proudly serve you and will work hard to make sure your voice is heard in Washington.

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