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About Elizabeth Moro

I’m running for Congress because I believe we are all in this together.
Growing up in a family of 12 kids and now having my own family, we have a saying, “together is better.” In good times and in bad, our family knew that we worked best and could overcome any challenge when we worked together.  That is what we believed, and that is how we lived.  We had dinner every night at a big table...everyone was welcomed and we all had a voice.  By working hard, and working together, my family built a good life, and my siblings and I were able to build successful lives of our own sharing what we had with our neighbors and always making space for others at our table.
My story is our story, and it is the story that made America flourish into the nation it is.  Throughout our history, we have shown that our communities and our country are capable of great things when we work together and strive to reach our common goals. In the words of the American anthropologist, Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world.”  We can and we will.
Now, more than ever, we need leaders like me, leaders who understand that our best days lie in front of us if we work hard, and work together to build the better, brighter future we all deserve. We cannot, and will not, lift ourselves up if we do not recognize our shared community, humanity, and destiny. A country where each of us ignores the plights of all others, and is left to fend entirely for ourselves is not a country at all, it is a wilderness, and I will not leave Americans wandering the wilderness alone.  Let us build bridges to bring us together, not walls which further divide.
Several times in our history, we have had moments of division, when great leaders were called upon to lead the way to bring us back to our common ground.  Loud, brash politicians have become obsessed with fame and feeding their egos and elected officials at every level have sold our country to the big money donors and corporate special interests who are re-writing our story into something none of us even recognize. That must stop.
Now is the the time to work to repair the growing cracks in our foundations, together.  Our highest goal must be concrete progress for everyone. The time for adulation and fawning attention for politicians who make flashy statements, but fail to deliver for our community, are over.  Congress is about public service, not a resume builder.
I support sensible public policy that addresses the challenges we face head-on and makes life better for all Americans.  Before we can successfully fight for those things, we need to take America off the market and take our country back from those whose special interests and lobby has taken away our voice.
I am a different kind of candidate.  I am a member of this community and district, just like you, someone who works hard everyday to build a better life for my family.  I am running a grassroots campaign focused on people just like us who want our government to work for all of us...a space for everyone at the table.  We see our society, community, and country as one people bound by a common future.  Together is better.  
I invite you to join me as we take back our country and continue to write the story of America together.



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