Campaign Finance Reform


We face many issues, challenges, and opportunities as a nation.  If we are going to successfully address those issues, overcome those challenges and embrace those opportunities, we must enact meaningful campaign finance reform to take our country back from the politicians who have sold us out to the corporate special interests and wealthy donors who pay for their campaigns.  We need to return our government to the people and take America off the market.

Without substantive and meaningful regulatory changes to our current campaign finance rules, our government will continue to produce laws and regulations that solely benefit those able to pour vast sums of money into electing politicians willing to do their bidding.

In today's campaign environment, even honest elected officials are forced to spend dozens of hours a week raising funds and meeting with donors, time that should be spent doing the work of their constituents and solving the problems America faces today.

I support meaningful campaign finance reform because I believe our elected officials should be working hard for us, the people they were elected to represent.  We must work to overturn Citizens United which allows unlimited dollars to pour in from Super PACs and unidentified sources.  I am running a grassroots campaign because I want to represent our needs and priorities in Congress.

Across the partisan divide, Americans agree that campaign finance reform must happen, and happen now.