Climate Change

Just as it is foolish to deny the overwhelming evidence that we are poisoning the air we breathe and the water we drink, it is foolish to deny the overwhelming scientific evidence for Climate Change. Scientists agree that climate change is real and that we are approaching the point of no return. We need leaders who aren’t afraid to stand up for science and for our future and the futures of generations to come.

I know that climate change is real and that it is an overwhelming threat to all of us.  In Congress, I will fight for policies and regulations to address the threat of climate change while there is still time to do so.

Corporate special interests have bought off our elected leaders to roll back environmental regulations and created a narrative filled with lies in an attempt to convince all of us that climate change is not real so that they can increase their profits at a huge cost to each and every one of us.

Weather patterns are changing, the polar ice-caps are melting and sea-levels are rising.  We see the evidence of this in the news every day.  Hurricanes of record strength are destroying the Gulf Coast and the Southern United States with ever-increasing frequency.  This is costing lives and destroying families while also costing American taxpayers billions in disaster recovery.  At the same time, the western and mid-western United States are experiencing droughts and floods that bring equal devastation.  These tragedies are not limited to the United States.  Throughout the world, weather disasters are causing untold destruction.  These events are the result of climate change and we must take action to address this very real threat to all of us.

In Congress, I will be outspoken in my advocacy of policies that seek to take immediate and decisive action to address climate change.  From strengthening environmental regulations domestically to enforcing environmental regulations worldwide through Fair Trade Agreements and renewing our commitment to the Paris Climate Accord, to investing in the rapid development, deployment, and expansion of clean and renewable energy to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels whose carbon emissions lie at the core of the climate change issue.  I will fight for our collective future as Americans and as global citizens.