Defense & Law Enforcement

We have come to a new awareness of the vulnerability of our security and civil rights as we witness global unrest, militant leaders with weapons of mass destruction, the rise of non-governmental extremist groups, as well as the internal divisions within our nation and policies which strain the Constitution.  With the availability of instant communication, we are bombarded by it all.  We are at one of those critical junctures of our nation’s history when at times it feels everything is in the balance. 

Our ability to create a free and democratic society depends on our capacity to defend ourselves, and while the goal is always to foster peace among nations and neighbors through diplomacy and negotiation, there are times when relations break down and we depend on our military to protect us. We must continue to strengthen and support our men and women in the military.  This includes not only physical and monetary support but emotional support and employment when they come home as well as not playing political games with discriminatory orders.  

Our police and law enforcement agencies provide the first response to our nation’s security. They have one of the most difficult positions in our community as they ensure civil rights are protected while the social order is preserved.  They make an oath to act with integrity, bravery, and honor to the community and law.  I support our local law enforcement for the work they do to create a society where we can grow, develop, and thrive.

In the last year, our court systems have come under intense pressure as the Constitutional implications of executive orders created moral dilemmas on how we as a nation move forward.  The Statue of Justice is blind before the law--meaning it is to be applied fairly to all without political play.  I support the courts in their use of checks and balances when policies discriminate, disadvantage or give special treatment to individuals.  We also need to ensure appropriate federal judicial appointments made without political play.  The lower level courts are interpreting major issues of policy and we need to avoid the appointment of those extremists who will use courts for judicial activism.