Diplomacy & Foreign Relations

From the founding of our nation, the United States has been reliant on good relationships with our Allies.  We have been a respected partner with many nations around the world for decades, and our history is a testament to our generous spirit by opening doors to freedom around the globe. We are a great nation because we believe in the value of every individual's right to live a life of dignity and respect.  We have had moments where we have had to evolve and grow, but we had the courage to come back to our core values that were written in our foundation.  This American Ideal is what brought people from around the world to our shores to make America their home, and the hopes and dreams of generations have made our country truly rich.  We cannot turn our back on those for whom we made a promise to protect.

Around the world, as leaders rise to try to usher in worn-out ideologies of hatred and division, we must stand tall. Despite the political extremes they present, we need to continue to speak out for human rights, foster dialogue among nations who are willing to cooperate and seek every opportunity to resolve our conflicts with diplomacy. We must stand together to end terrorism and fear. Our participation in global outreach including food supplies, medical care, education resources, and agricultural training strengthen the people of the world and make America safer.  Most people around the world felt connected to this country because of our stewardship and dedication to helping the world in need.  We need to rekindle and heal those relationships so that we can continue to lead the world toward a more peaceful existence.

We cannot exist in isolation. We must use trade as a way to strengthen our economy and build upon our relationships with the global community. At the same time, trade agreements must be focused on FAIR Trade to not only protect American workers and create jobs domestically but to use our economic strength as a trading partner to create and enforce better environmental standards, higher wages, safer working conditions and human and workers rights globally.