Fair Trade

Fair Trade & Tax Reform that encourages small business ownership and growth  

I will stand up for the small businesses that are the engine of our economic growth by supporting tax reform and fair trade policies that make sure large corporations pay their fair share of taxes instead of unfairly transferring the burden to small businesses.

According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), small businesses represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms. Since 1995, small businesses have generated 64 percent of new jobs and paid 44 percent of the total United States private payroll. 

American small businesses bears an unfair burden when it comes to paying taxes, while corporate special interests, their lobbyists, and the politicians who have sold out the American people continue to allow the largest and most profitable corporations to exploit loopholes that reduce their tax burden, effectively transferring that burden to the small businesses on which our economy and communities depend.

We need to make sure large corporations aren’t using loopholes by harboring their business offshore and getting away with not paying their fair share while small businesses take the brunt. 

Fair trade and import/export practices must be put in place to protect the rights of American inventors and patent-holders--which often are small business owners.