Food & Nutrition


The issue of food and nutrition needs to be added to the political table.  Whether it be about the economy, health, environment, national security, or hunger, access to nutrition is one of the largest issues we face today and yet it rarely is discussed in political campaigns. The United States policy on food is extremely complex and reaches across many industries.  To the farmers who grow our food, the processors, wholesalers, and retailers who bring it to market, as well as the safety and regulation of food produced, providing quality nutrition will continue to be an enormous national and global issue due to increased demand, production standards, pollution, climate change and overall land availability.  In addition, policies on trade, immigration, labor, and animal treatment all weigh into the conversation of what ends up on our plates.  It also reaches into the healthcare debate when we consider the dollars spent dealing with overall consumption and inequity of available food.

Our nation’s history has been blessed with abundance in food production and groundbreaking technologies which have increased our ability to provide food for around the world.  However, these technologies need to be done with awareness for not only production but also the quality and safety of our food as well as the environments where they are grown.  According to the Environmental Protection Agency, the United States loses nearly 3,000 acres of farmland each day which was once part of active food production, in addition, the debate over genetically modified foods and proper labeling for consumer awareness needs to be continually addressed in order to promote nutrition and health of our citizens.

As your Congresswoman, I welcome the debate and will work to ensure a quality food supply for our country with awareness for the food that we consume and the effects on our long-term health, to the production of food and the effects on our environment, to the power of agriculture in our communities, to the availability of access to food for the economically disadvantaged, and to use our resources with a plan for the future.  It is time we do our part to create a sustainable food supply for the health and well-being of our nation.