I believe in health beyond just health insurance.  It is time we address the affordability of healthcare, the exorbitant price of drugs, and access to quality care for everyone as well as food insecurity, poverty alleviation, and the opioid epidemic.  I will lead the way on quality healthcare that promotes lifelong well-being for everyone. America works best when we work together.  Our shared goals depend on the ability of everyone to engage, develop and do their part.  Without access to healthcare and basic resources, many Americans are locked out of meaningful participation in our society at every level. From building a strong economy to promoting strong national defense, healthcare is fundamental to our nation’s well-being. 

The world of medicine is changing rapidly because of scientific and technological advances.  Through advances in preventative care, early identification of serious health issues and breakthroughs in treatment we now have the ability to cure diseases in incredible and affordable ways.  From genetic medicines and new detection devices, our healthcare has the potential to lead the way in ground-breaking research.   Healthcare is more than just providing insurance, it is encouraging and funding innovation to create new solutions to our current crisis.

While advances in healthcare are exciting, access to quality healthcare that allows all Americans to take advantage of these advances are imperative to creating a stronger, healthier nation.  We need to begin to take the steps to make quality healthcare available. Single-payer health care or “Medicare for all” has been researched over and again and clearly provides the best possible solution to the numerous problems with our current health insurance systems.   The United States is the only modern developed country that does not provide healthcare access to all its citizens, and as such, there is much waste and abuse.  In addition, Americans have a shorter lifespan and overall decreased wellness than our modern counterparts.

It is the time we take the politics and special interest out of the mix and do the right thing—provide quality healthcare options from birth to death and avoid the overuse of the emergency rooms as primary providers.  Prevention and maintenance are the keys to a healthy population, and we are a creative nation who has ideas for how to make this work.  Let’s stop fighting and find a solution.