Central to the “American Dream,” homeownership is the foundation of wealth for most American families, and real estate as an industry is a major driver of our economy accounting for 19% of the GDP and a cornerstone of our communities. The National Association of Realtors research estimates that the average home sale generates approximately $64,000 in expenditures that flow into the local economy.

As a Realtor in my community, there is nothing better in the world than helping someone achieve this dream.  I am proud of the ethics and ideals our industry upholds and strive every day to be a partner with the communities I serve so we may continue to build local economies and make successful homeownership possible.

When the real estate market crashed in 2008, not only did many individuals in our area lose their homes, but millions of dollars in value was lost as well.  Our municipal, county and state governments were heavily affected due to the lack of transfer taxes as the market struggled.  This hampered the money available for community services, job growth, and infrastructure funding across the board.  Since that time, our markets have significantly recovered, but we must make sure the practices that led to the financial crisis are never allowed again. 

With the right education, coaching and loan products, homeowners are more successful in keeping their homes.  We must always safeguard the American consumer from predatory lenders and subprime lenders which caused the great recession and nearly brought the country and the world to its financial knees.  We also need to protect sustainable homeownership and keep incentives in place that encourage it.