As your Congresswoman, I am committed to reforming our broken immigration system.  The growing antagonism toward immigrants being shown by the Trump Administration is not the American way.  We have always been a nation that thrives on growth and diversity.  It is reprehensible to support a system that engenders fear, xenophobia, and tears families apart through random arrests and raids.  I support new pathways to citizenship for those wishing to make America their home including the DACA Dreamers who came here as children and are learning and working for a better life.

We also have benefitted from the efforts of migrant workers who help support Pennsylvania’s agricultural economy which is among the largest in the nation.  We need to stand with our farming families who contribute to a strong economy through agricultural production.  U.S. Agriculture depends on guest farm workers to do the jobs Americans are unwilling to do.   The current system being employed by this Administration is creating a crisis as it ignores our values, creates fear in the immigrant community and uncertainty in the agricultural community.  

This crisis underscores the importance of reform needed to ensure a safe food supply, prevent shortages, to keep healthy food affordable, and to save rural towns that are dependent on the tax base of family farms.  We need changes to H2-A guest worker program which recognizes year-round agriculture and a way to amnesty for undocumented workers who contribute to our labor force and have families here.