My Story

About Elizabeth Moro

I grew up in Michigan along the shores of the Great Lakes. From my early beginnings, I learned how to work well with people because as one of twelve children in a working-class home, we all had to help out. My parents worked hard to put food on the table and provide us with an education, healthcare, and other necessities. Each of my siblings had the opportunity to go to college thanks to federal Pell Grants, scholarships, subsidized student loans, and part-time jobs. I earned degrees from Western Michigan University in political science, public policy, and women's studies because I felt a huge calling to serve my country inspired by the example of leaders such as John F. Kennedy.  My dad was also a huge influence in my life and would often say, “to whom much is given, much is required in return.”

My family sat down for dinner each night at a big table. Visitors were always invited to join us, and we always made room for them. My family’s welcoming mindset shaped the way I live and see the world today, and I also knew if I didn’t get to the table in time, my 8 brothers would eat everything!  

I want our government to make room at the table so that everyone has access to the American Dream of a great life.  Our country is great because we have multiple ideas and ways to approach our opportunities and challenges--but we have to make sure that opportunity exists equally not just for the top one percent. Unfortunately, for too many the door to a better life is locked.  I spent most of my career opening doors to Americans who wished to achieve the dream of homeownership and now I will go work to open doors for Pennsylvanians in Washington because the American Dream is so much more than an house.

As a managing real estate broker, I successfully developed a business and the skills to lead an organization of up to 50 agents.  This experience gave me a wealth of knowledge about housing costs, the effects of business on the economy, personal finance, the importance of good schools, protecting our environment, and the impact of taxes.   I sat in many different living rooms across our area and know how hard it is for middle-class families to afford a home, college, and all the things my family struggled to provide. I stepped into this race to address the needs of our district, engage problem-solving the way our founders envisioned, and to equip the next generation with the skills and opportunities they need to be successful.

I'm just like you--I work hard every day to support my family and build my community. I’ve been a single mom, so I know what it’s like to raise a family alone and the challenges of keeping everything going. Not too long ago, I was blessed with a partner who shares my passion for making a difference.  Vince and I were married in 2017—we literally moved up our wedding date so I could file as “Elizabeth Moro” because we are dedicated to doing this together. We have always been committed to our community. We have raised money through our farm-to-table dinners for causes we feel need our attention such as homelessness, conservation of our natural resources, advocating on behalf of our environment, and working for the protection of human rights. Vince and I are raising five children, and we want them to have the same opportunity to go to college and pursue their American Dream.

And that’s what my candidacy is about: the American Dream...for all Americans not just the top one percent. Sadly, our government’s table has gotten frighteningly small. I will work to change that as your Congresswoman. I have dedicated my life to my community and connecting people to the resources they need to succeed.  I believe America deserves better, and I will proudly serve you and will work hard to make sure your voice is heard in Washington.

The American Dream is for all of US!