Candidate Elizabeth Moro Releases Statement Regarding Senator Leach Allegations

by vince on Dec 19 2017


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December 18, 2017

Contact: Ken Hemphill







Chester County, PA – Elizabeth Moro, a Democratic Candidate for Congress in Pennsylvania's 7th District, has released the following statement in the wake of the troubling allegations against State Senator Daylin Leach:


Americans have a moral obligation to confront the pervasive cultural ills of sexual misconduct. Twenty-first century America is abundant with technological marvels, from driverless cars to three-dimensional printers. It is all the more appalling that amidst such brilliance and innovation, we lack the insight to treat women with the respect and dignity they deserve. The culture of workplace harassment, abuses of power, and crude remarks have no place in today’s United States. A society cannot thrive when half of the population faces objectification. I entered this race to push these essential conversations to the forefront, and I will continue to be an outspoken and forceful advocate for women. 


I am proud to be a Democrat because we are addressing these issues head-on. We have seen Democratic members of both chambers of Congress resign amidst allegations of sexual misconduct. Democrats must always do the right thing when it comes to defending women.


Due to the staunch beliefs I have outlined and the disconcerting allegations of sexual impropriety against State Senator Daylin Leach, I have called on him to resign from the State Senate. While I respect Senator Leach’s right to a presumption of innocence, I believe these troubling allegations should compel him to step down. I admire the fortitude of women who come forth courageously to report incidences of sexual misconduct, and I am disheartened at the concerted effort to shame, intimidate, and refute the accounts and credibility of women everywhere. I do not issue this statement as a candidate seeking to gain a political advantage. I am speaking as a mother. One who is teaching her sons that young men must be accountable for their words and actions, and one who shows her daughters that a woman’s place is wherever she wants it to be. Author Virginia Woolf said that, “For most of history. Anonymous was a woman.” Women will be far from anonymous with Elizabeth Moro in congress.


The Primary election will be held on Tuesday, May 15th.