First Democrats elected since Reconstruction

by vince on Nov 08 2017

Sometimes when history is made, it just feels wonderful. Such was the case in Delaware County Tuesday as two Democrats were elected to County Council for the first time since the post Civil War Reconstruction period. Four female Democratic candidates for county row offices along with Jerry Sanders for sheriff also swept into office, giving Democrats control of those important positions for the first time since the Gilded Age. There was also great news for Democrats out of Chester County, too, where an all female slate took every row office in the courthouse giving control of these important offices to Democrats for the first time in 200 years. All across the country, progressives made incredible gains.

In many ways, yesterday's off-year election was a referendum on the disastrous Trump presidency. Voters resoundingly rejected his spiteful politics, his administration's corruption and disdain for people and the environment, and his overt misogyny. ​Let's enjoy this moment but let us also get ready to put our shoulders into the work ahead of us in 2018. 

Tuesday is just the opening salvo in the fight to take back our country from the right-wing billionaires who've seized our country for their own benefit instead of the public good. But make no mistake: the forces behind Donald Trump will redouble their efforts to roll back our hard-won protections for ordinary Americans. They will write fatter checks. They will ramp up their propaganda machines. They will use sleight of hand and continue to try to divide Americans. We will resist this and continue to fight to take back our country for the benefit of the people. 

They might have millions in their pockets, but we have millions of concerned citizens who suited up Tuesday to fight for progressive candidates who will put people and common decency above corporate profits. So I’m getting right back to work on my campaign to send Pat Meehan into early retirement. But I need your help. Opposing a well-financed, self-interested machine takes money. By donating to my campaign, you'll send the message that you’re "mad as @#$%, and you’re not going to take it anymore."