Privacy Rights

Growing up in a household with eleven siblings, there wasn’t much space for privacy.  My mom used to tell us, “if you want to be alone, do the dishes.”  Today the issue of personal privacy has taken on a whole new meaning with the advancement of technology and cyberspace.  The information age for all its wonders has brought on new issues of security and privacy rights.  Every time a credit card is swiped, mobile phone calls made, or GPS locators used, we are being tracked nearly every moment of our lives.  

When government and non-government organizations gather our personal data, the ramifications are exponentially wide for our personal information to be misused or placed in the wrong hands.  Whether it be our financial data, health records, buying habits or viewing preferences to name a few, this data could be used for fraud and manipulation.  Hackers have invaded our email systems and our election process. This is the age of cyber war.

Our government’s responsibility has early roots in protecting privacy as the early nation dealt with interference from a far-off king who conducted searches and seizures without warning, double jeopardy in the courtroom, and quartering of troops in personal homes.  Privacy is core to our foundational values and our legislators today who have been bought and paid for by special interest lobbyists in the information fields have sold our privacy to the highest bidder by allowing Internet providers to mine and sell browsing data, usage history, app usage, email/message content, and financial information among other things without consumer consent. This is a huge violation.  

As your Congresswoman, I will put people before profit and ensure your rights are protected. My grassroots campaign is by design so that I may freely act in the voice of the people.