Protection of our Civil Rights

America is a diverse and evolving nation.  “We the people” have rightfully come to embrace all of us--and we still have more to do as a nation to open our hearts to one another and heal the divide that continues to grow over political lines and prejudice.   Today our democratic values and civil rights are under severe attack.  National origin travel bans, race-based policing, economically segregated schooling, discrimination based on sex and sexual orientation, voter rights suppressed--every day we are met with another swipe in the face of liberty and justice.  

One of my favorite memories as a child was sitting around the big family table with friends who came from all over the world.  We all had dreams and ideas that we were pursuing, hopes for a bright future, and talents we hoped to share.  America needs to continue to be a big table where all are welcomed and hope is kindled. We must continue to protect our civil rights and promote equality for all.  This doesn't mean we always agree, but we treat one another with civility and respect.   When leaders use fear to divide us because of who we are or where we come from, it weakens our nation.  One of the reasons I felt called to enter this race is our fundamental values that are the core of our democracy were under attack-- our American values and way of life were being disregarded and minimized to attacking “the other.”  

We as Americans have a shared common ground--e Pluribus Unum--from many we have become one.  We are stronger together, and if we as a country could reach the stars and put a man on the moon and develop the world wide web that connects us, then we have to envision a world where we are all welcomed and embraced. We can lead the world by our example of love of neighbor with charity to all.  We can be the change we wish for the world.  

Together is better.