Renewable Energy

Investing in the rapid development, deployment and expansion of clean and renewable energy, like wind and solar make sense for our environment, for our efforts to address climate change and for our economic future.  In Congress, I will stand up to the fossil fuel lobby that is seeking to continue our reliance on fossil fuels at a great cost to our health and safety, our collective future, and our economic growth.

Clean and renewable energy represents a huge opportunity to create jobs and fuel economic growth. However fossil fuels will continue to play a significant role in our energy portfolio for some time, and we must adopt a policy approach that seeks to ramp-up the development and deployment of clean and renewable energy, while recognizing that the fossil fuel industry still represents a sizable portion of our economy and that we do not yet have the capacity to make the switch to a totally green energy economy.  As emerging economies move toward embracing less expensive alternative and renewable resources, our clinging to the traditional sources will in time be less cost effective and make it more difficult for us to compete in the global markets.

There is a lot that we can do to encourage rapid growth in clean and renewable energy while being sensitive to the realities of our energy and economic needs now.  For example, the oil industry, which is one of the most successful and profitable industries in history continues to receive tens of billions of dollars in taxpayer subsidies, while that same industry seeks to decrease investment in clean and renewable energy.  Natural gas, which burns cleaner than other fossil fuels, could be the bridge to a clean energy future, but a lack of sensible regulation on the extraction method known as hydraulic fracturing or “fracking,” significantly diminishes the environmental benefits of natural gas.

In Congress, I will work hard to increase our investment in clean and renewable energy to accelerate reaching our goal of a clean energy economy, while taking a common sense approach to environmental regulations on the existing fossil fuel industry to build a stronger economy while protecting our environment and addressing the very real threat of climate change - and other economic disasters that totally unregulated fossil fuel extraction and use can present, both globally and locally here in Pennsylvania.