Restoration of the Middle Class

No society in history has survived without a large and thriving middle class.  For decades, the middle class formed the foundation of the American economy, and it is the American Middle class that fueled our expansion and success.  However, policies that benefit large corporations and the very wealthiest Americans are strangling and crushing the middle class.  In Congress, I will make restoring the middle class one of my top priorities.

Corporate special interests have purchased the career politicians through campaign contributions and the support of dark money organizations, like SuperPACs.  Together they have created an economic system that seeks to decrease the wages and benefits of workers and working families while increasing their tax burden all so that corporations, their executives, and shareholders can realize windfall profits and extravagant compensation packages.  We have to hold them accountable to the same rules of the game as the rest of us.

CEO and executive compensation have skyrocketed since the 1980s. All the while, the wages of workers have stagnated or fallen.  The Great Recession that followed the economic collapse of 2008-2009 was declared over when Wall Street recovered with the benefit of taxpayer bailouts, yet the recovery left many Americans behind as unemployed, underemployed or under-compensated.  As a realtor, I see these realities every day as I work to help families from all walks of life realize their piece of the American Dream.  I also see that rollbacks in financial regulations under the Trump Administration and the Republican Congress are once again threatening fundamental aspects of our economy, like the residential real estate market, and I know that if we do not take action to prevent another housing or economic collapse at the hands of Wall Street bankers, that it is once again Middle-Class Americans who will suffer the most.

Middle-Class Americans need leaders who realize that our future depends on them and who will be a champion for restoring and protecting them.  In Congress, I will be that champion and fight for policies that strengthen and expand our Middle Class.  Tax reform that ensures everyone is paying their fair share, common sense regulation to prevent Wall Street from treating our economy like a casino, investment in our economy from the ground up, increasing the minimum wage, and strengthening workers rights and protections by protecting collective bargaining rights are all steps that must be taken to build a strong economy.  Together we can rebuild a thriving American Middle Class.