Senior Citizens & Social Security

You always know the wealth of a nation by the way it cares for its seniors.  Our seniors have paved the way and paid the price for all of us.  Some of my fondest memories were the Sunday afternoon hayrides at my grandparents' farm and listening to the stories they would tell about surviving the Great Depression, the wars, all the social changes, and the value of taking care of the important things in life. Watching my own parents as they aged and finding resources to help them manage their later years was a struggle as it is for so many families.

Our seniors worked and fought to keep the light of freedom alive.  Now it is our turn to care for them. Two of their biggest concerns are funding their retirement and healthcare.  Social security was meant to help bridge the gap between retirement and to be there to provide dignity and financial security for Americans in their golden years.  Likewise, Medicare is meant to provide health care for older Americans when they need it most. Healthcare is one of the largest expenses one encounters in their later years, and no one should have to choose between quality health care and enjoying their retirement.

Self-serving politicians have used Social Security as a slush fund to serve their own interests, and have failed to take real action to strengthen and protect this vitally important program. Social Security is not a "federal benefit" but it is money individuals and employers contributed from their earned income.  The money invested should have been protected all along instead of taken to fund other programs.  Economists agree that we can protect and even strengthen Social Security for current recipients and future generations, but doing so will require political courage.

I will be a leader on this issue and will stand up for the rights of our seniors. I have the courage not just to protect and save, but to strengthen Social Security for current recipients and future generations.  I will also work tirelessly to find a bipartisan way to create a universal healthcare system that focuses on early care, prevention, and maintenance, so we can have lifelong well-being, especially for our seniors.