Women's Health

In a democratic society, people have the right to choose the way they live their lives.  Our government was not designed to invade the privacy or liberty of its citizens especially in the area of reproductive freedom.  The Supreme Court over the years has continually supported an individual’s right to their health and reproductive decisions, stating that fundamentally at the core, abortion is a woman’s right to privacy.  I support the protection of a woman's reproductive and privacy rights and will fight any efforts to limit reproductive health services.  A woman’s right to choose is just that—a choice that she must make with the advice and counsel of her doctor and other guidance she may seek.  Access to quality healthcare is essential to this issue.  Organizations such as Planned Parenthood provide important health care and education to make sure every woman has the resources to make the best decisions for themselves.  

Women leaders must be included in the discussion on women's health.  This seems like an obvious statement but currently, of the 18 Representatives Pennsylvania sends to the U.S. Congress as well as the two Senators, none are women.  The women of Pennsylvania deserve equal representation at the table in order to protect their interests and address their needs.